Avoid Potential Listing Disasters

Avoid potential listing disasters

I study the market daily to guide my clients through their transactions and avoid potential listing disasters. I still call to find both buyers for my listing and sellers for my buyers.

When you put your home for sale, you’re taking a leap of faith. People will view your home and its contents. What is the worst thing you can happen? How about a potential buyer taking a video and then putting it on YouTube? Yes, that just happened to me. BEFORE WE WERE OFFICIALLY LISTED! It popped up, and the sellers almost blew their top! I quickly called the agent, and we were able to remove the video with only seven views.

The next time your friend John says he’s looking to move, let me have his number so I can help him manage the process, avoid potential listing disasters, and net him the most money.

Don’t Let Your Dream Home Become a Nightmare

Don't let your dream home become a nightmare

Don’t Let Your Dream Home Become a Nightmare

My client Amy recently went under contract on her dream home. Everything was fine until it wasn’t. The appraisal on the house she was buying came in $20,000 BELOW the contracted price. How could that be? The appraisal is a critical part of the purchase contract. The lender wants to make sure they are not lending money on a house that isn’t worth the sales price, and the seller ALWAYS wants the appraised value to be ABOVE the contract price. This step is another part of the contract process. The buyer and seller negotiate to a number that all parties agree to after the appraisal. If not, the contract ends, and the buyer’s earnest money is refunded. In Amy’s case, we were able to dispute the value, and all ended well.

The next time you hear someone swapping real estate horror stories, let them know Renee can keep their dream from becoming a nightmare.

You Can Choose Your Closing Attorney

You can choose your closing attorney

Did you know as a buyer, you can choose your closing attorney in most cases? Did you know as a seller you can also choose? What? Yes, the closing attorney is a negotiated item on the contract. If a seller is contributing to closing costs, then they have some leverage with the choice. When a house is being financed, the attorney represents the LENDER. A good agent will negotiate the attorney on your behalf, as it’s important not to let any of the title work delay the closing.

My client, Bob, was paying cash for his home and felt strongly about using his closing attorney. We negotiated that for him, and I was able to add another referral source.

When your friend Jill says, she’s ready to downsize, give her my name, Renee Pruitt, and let her know it’ll be smooth from here on out.

Boost Your Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Faster

Boost your curb appeal

A great way to boost your curb appeal is to keep up with your landscaping. When you’re selling your house, this is one of the first impressions potential buyers will get. A well-maintained and landscaped lawn is always inviting and gets more viewings.  Increasing your home viewings also increases the chances of selling your house faster. Remember these tips:

  1. Keep the yard mowed and raked at all times.
  2. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed and pruned.

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What to Think About Before Downsizing

What to Think About Before Downsizing

The kids have moved out, and you don’t need such a big house anymore. With a smaller home, you can expect less yard work, less cleaning, reduced utility bills, and probably reduced property taxes. Before you decide to move, here’s what to think about before downsizing.

  1. Are you ready financially? Talk to a tax professional; will downsizing help your tax situation, or will you possibly get saddled with capital gains tax? Know before you have the sign planted in your yard. If your home is paid off, it may be better to sit tight for a while.
  2. Are you taking too many things with you? Many people downsizing save all their furniture, collectibles, etc. for their children. The reality is, most of their kids don’t want their old things. This generation prefers to buy and toss furniture that’s inexpensive and easily replaceable. While some do prefer their parent’s items, make sure you discuss with your children before making the move.
  3. Are there hidden costs where you are going? Are you thinking of a 55+ master-planned gated community with tons of activities? Make sure you know not only the price of the house but also the cost of the homeowners association fees. Are you buying a home that needs repairs? That house could have many hidden costs of a different variety.

 Whatever you decide, hire a licensed, experienced REALTOR. No one will be better qualified to guide you through the process of downsizing after so many years.

Take the Leap to Your Next Home

Take the leap to your next home with the right real estate agent to make a smooth transition.

Springtime is the perfect season to buy or sell a home.  I study the market every day to see where inventory and pricing are going.  I also call every day to find homes for my buyers and buyers for my listings.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of working with David and Angela. They’ve lived in their home 22 years, and their youngest child is about to leave for college.  They want to move to the lake but don’t know what to do with the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years.  Luckily, I can help them with both the big stuff and the little stuff.  For the big items, I refer them to a junk removal company.  For the smaller items, I use my room-by-room staging list to declutter each room. Problem solved! The house looks great.

Refer me to your sister Joan, who is ready to move on after 30 years of marriage. Let her know her new house is a phone call away.

Finding the Home that is Right for You

Finding the home that is right for you and your family is easier than you think with the right realtor.

The Spring Market is upon us.  I’m so happy that I can actually NOT wear a coat.  I study the market every day to see where inventory and pricing are going.   I also call every day to find buyers for my listings.  The next buyer could be a phone call away.

This week I’m working with Katie and Bob who are ready for their final home.  Could they find the home with all the features they want?  After contracting on one, that was an almost fit, Katie and Bob saw a new house pop up.   There it was!  Their personal unicorn!   ALL the features they wanted already in the home.   Needless to say, they moved from house #1 to house #2 and are now planning their housewarming party.

I’m a good referral for your sister, Carla, who really wants to downsize but isn’t sure where to land.  Tell her you will introduce her to a great realtor that can make her wishes reality.

DIY vs. Selling Your Home with Renee Pruitt and Company

The Spring Market is upon us.  Let me tell you about Jody.  Jody is a lively senior citizen who is always on the go. She lives in a beautiful custom home that she designed herself.  Unfortunately for Jody, her daughter lives in East Cobb, which is a 40-minute drive for her.  After 4 years of driving 40 minutes each way, Jody realized her current home is a bit too far away.  Jody put her home on Zillow, and guess what happened? Nothing. Not one single interested buyer.  She had a lot of interest from agents, but not from buyers.  Not even a phone call.

I met with Jody and let her know that exposure was her problem.  We discussed how I market homes and decided to go for it together.  Good thing, too.  She was under contract in less than 24 hours.  Now Jody is happily packing to move near her daughter, and I have another happy client.

When you hear your neighbor say they can sell it themselves, think of me and give me a call.  I can be their greatest advocate and get them where they want to go.

The Right Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference

Spring selling season is here, and the weather has been great!  I currently have 3 different clients each looking for very specific homes.  To assist them, I call people every day to see if I can find them a home.  Their dream home could always be my next call.

Stephanie and Dan have a house they need to sell.  After many showings and no offers, they decided to take a break from selling their home.  Now as their new real estate agent, I’m studying the market daily to determine the perfect time for them to sell again.  Inventory is down, buyers are plentiful.  Soon it will be the right time to sell their home for top dollar and get them to North Georgia.

I’m a good referral for your neighbor who has gone through several agents and is super frustrated.  Let them know you know an agent who gets the job done, for the most money, and with no drama.  I’m just a phone call away.

Finding the Right Home for Your Lifestyle

The Spring Market for real estate is upon us.  I love this time of year with the nice weather and sunshine.  I actively call every day looking for home buyers for my listings and sellers for my buyers.  The current market is very busy already.  I study the market daily to help guide my clients through the buying and selling process.

Last week I met with Katrina, a successful esthetician, with a booming in-home business.  Katrina just found out her husband would be working from home as well.  She asked if I could help them find a home that would accommodate both their home businesses and still be comfortable? Luckily, we found several homes and now are in the process of narrowing down the best fit.

I’m a good referral for your friend Amy, who has always wanted to live near downtown Alpharetta but can’t seem to get around to selling her house. Tell her a coffee with me will have her walking to dinner in no time.

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