What is a Due Diligence Period?

What is a Due Diligence Period

What is a due diligence period in a real estate contract? It’s the negotiated period of time for buyers to do inspections, quotes, etc. to make sure they want to buy the house. Typically lasting 10 -14 days, it allows the Buyer to Cancel with NO PENALTY and the return of their earnest money. Can the Seller cancel during that time as well? NO!

My client Amy was under contract on an older home. It had foundation issues, and she decided not to proceed with the purchase of the house. Because we terminated the contract within the due diligence period, her earnest money was returned to her in full, with no penalties.

I’m a good referral for your friend Sam who’s been burned in a real estate purchase before. Let him know you know an experienced agent that will protect his money and his time.

Buying a House in the Right School District Can Really Pay Off

Making the decision to move can be difficult, but buying a house in the right school district can really pay off.

The Spring Market is upon us.   I enjoy this time of year because I love what I do to help people. I search the market every day looking for buyers for my listings.  The next call could be a fit.

Last week I was working with Ted, who couldn’t decide whether to buy a house in a new school district or stay put and keep his current home.  After analyzing market statistics for his area, we found that if Ted moved, his return on the dollar was much larger than anticipated.  Ted was thrilled to put his house on the market because he could buy a larger home than he previously thought he could afford.  Now Ted and his happy wife are packing for the move.

I’m a good referral for your friend at church who wants to live closer to church. Tell her you to have the perfect person to make that happen and then give me a call.

Commitment Will Lead You to the Perfect Home

Each buyer has different and sometimes unique needs.  That’s why your Real Estate Agent’s commitment will lead you to the perfect home.

Its springtime and homes are selling fast, and people are buying homes like crazy.   I study the market daily to see where inventory and pricing are going.  I advise my clients on the best time to buy and sell a home.

This week has been especially fun. I met with Kevin and Debbie, who are looking for a house with a finished bedroom and bathroom in the basement for their adult daughter, who needed to live with them temporarily.  With a tight budget, this was a little harder than they thought. After much searching, we were able to find them a home that could easily be converted into somewhat of an apartment for their daughter. Now they are getting ready to leave their apartment and move into a much more spacious home.

I’m a good referral for Josh and Amy, your friends who are looking down the road to when their kids are out of the house. Let them know you know a great agent that can help them with the sale and purchase.

Take the Leap to Your Next Home

Take the leap to your next home with the right real estate agent to make a smooth transition.

Springtime is the perfect season to buy or sell a home.  I study the market every day to see where inventory and pricing are going.  I also call every day to find homes for my buyers and buyers for my listings.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of working with David and Angela. They’ve lived in their home 22 years, and their youngest child is about to leave for college.  They want to move to the lake but don’t know what to do with the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years.  Luckily, I can help them with both the big stuff and the little stuff.  For the big items, I refer them to a junk removal company.  For the smaller items, I use my room-by-room staging list to declutter each room. Problem solved! The house looks great.

Refer me to your sister Joan, who is ready to move on after 30 years of marriage. Let her know her new house is a phone call away.

Let your Real Estate Agent Overcome any Obstacles

Buying and selling a home is often complicated and frustrating. Let your real estate agent guide you through the process, and help overcome any obstacles that may arise.

The Spring Market is upon us. There is no better time to sell your home than when the weather is warm and the flowers are blooming.  I study the market every day to see where inventory and pricing are going. I also call every day to find homes for my buyers and buyers for my listings.

This week I have a seller, Stacie, who is struggling with a complicated repair issue. The buyers want the repair complete prior to the close, but Stacie can’t find a contractor who can finish the work.  She had several contractors promise to come out only to not show.  Luckily, I have a wide referral network and was able to secure a specialized contractor.  We adjusted the close date so all the work could be completed prior to close.

I’m a good referral for your friends, Mary and Stan. They’re ready to move but have 28 years of stuff in their house. Let them know you know a great agent who can smoothly take them through their sale and new purchase.

Finding the Home that is Right for You

Finding the home that is right for you and your family is easier than you think with the right realtor.

The Spring Market is upon us.  I’m so happy that I can actually NOT wear a coat.  I study the market every day to see where inventory and pricing are going.   I also call every day to find buyers for my listings.  The next buyer could be a phone call away.

This week I’m working with Katie and Bob who are ready for their final home.  Could they find the home with all the features they want?  After contracting on one, that was an almost fit, Katie and Bob saw a new house pop up.   There it was!  Their personal unicorn!   ALL the features they wanted already in the home.   Needless to say, they moved from house #1 to house #2 and are now planning their housewarming party.

I’m a good referral for your sister, Carla, who really wants to downsize but isn’t sure where to land.  Tell her you will introduce her to a great realtor that can make her wishes reality.

DIY vs. Selling Your Home with Renee Pruitt and Company

The Spring Market is upon us.  Let me tell you about Jody.  Jody is a lively senior citizen who is always on the go. She lives in a beautiful custom home that she designed herself.  Unfortunately for Jody, her daughter lives in East Cobb, which is a 40-minute drive for her.  After 4 years of driving 40 minutes each way, Jody realized her current home is a bit too far away.  Jody put her home on Zillow, and guess what happened? Nothing. Not one single interested buyer.  She had a lot of interest from agents, but not from buyers.  Not even a phone call.

I met with Jody and let her know that exposure was her problem.  We discussed how I market homes and decided to go for it together.  Good thing, too.  She was under contract in less than 24 hours.  Now Jody is happily packing to move near her daughter, and I have another happy client.

When you hear your neighbor say they can sell it themselves, think of me and give me a call.  I can be their greatest advocate and get them where they want to go.

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