What is a Due Diligence Period?

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What is a due diligence period in a real estate contract? It’s the negotiated period of time for buyers to do inspections, quotes, etc. to make sure they want to buy the house. Typically lasting [...]

Best Times to Buy or Sell A Home

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What the general public doesn’t know about real estate is that the media can present a skewed view of what is actually happening in the local market. I utilize hyper-local information to help guide people [...]

Avoid Potential Listing Disasters

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I study the market daily to guide my clients through their transactions and avoid potential listing disasters. I still call to find both buyers for my listing and sellers for my buyers. When you put [...]

Buying a Home? The Due Diligence Period in Real Estate

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Many home buyers are unfamiliar with the term Due Diligence when they set out to buy a home. What is the Due Diligence period in a real estate contract? It’s the negotiated amount of time [...]

Do You Have a Home-Selling To-Do List?

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I study the market daily to see where it's headed. I call daily to find buyers for my listings and homes for my buyers. When I work with sellers, I always advise them on how [...]

Who Gets Money at a Real Estate Closing?

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Who loves money? Everyone! Who gets money at a real estate closing? Maybe everyone! My clients Sarah and Terri were buying a home together. Mom Sarah was putting in the most money, and Terri would [...]

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