things to consider as your children leave the nest

Things to Consider as Your Children Leave the Nest

It’s only natural to start thinking about downsizing your home as your kids begin lives outside of the house. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a townhome in the city or a bungalow on the lake, here are a few things to consider as your children leave the nest.

  1. Think about the Big Picture: You want to downsize now, but what about after the kids are out of college and starting their own family? Do you want to have space for them to stay with you? Think about more than the next 5 years, if space is large enough, but not too large, and if the house is physically manageable enough for you both.
  2. Are you ready emotionally? Did your children learn to walk in this home? Did you have a wedding in the backyard? Are you REALLY ready to leave? Think through this as selling a home of many years and many memories are quite emotional.

Whatever you decide, hire a licensed, experienced REALTOR. No one will be better qualified to guide you through the process of downsizing after so many years.