With so many homes on the market today,  first impressions are the key to sell your home for the most profit and the least hassle.

Summer is upon us and with it the peak selling season.  I study the market daily and call daily to find buyers for my listings and sellers for my buyers.

My clients Kelly and Jim own an investment property that tenants just vacated.  We met at the house to see the shape it was in before listing it for sale.  What a mess!  The outside made the house look abandoned. Overgrown grass, bushes, trees, you name it!  Weeds everywhere, too!  I suggested they get everything trimmed way back, which makes the house look younger.  I also have sellers stand on the curb and pretend they’re buying: what would they want to see as a Buyer?

The next time you hear, “I just can’t keep up with my house anymore” let them know you know a local expert that can help them sell for the most profit and least hassle.