It’s important to get your home ready to sell with budget-friendly updates.

Summer is here, and so is the hot housing market. I study the market daily to see where it’s headed. I call daily to find buyers for my listings and homes for my buyers.

I spent last Sunday with Steve and Karen. We’re going to list their house, but it’s a tad outdated. We started looking at what we could update for the least amount of money. A big choice? Light fixtures and faucets. You can get new light fixtures and faucets for well under $100 each. Dirty white ceiling fan? A new one can be $59! Do you have brass everywhere? Replace with chrome or brushed nickel for almost pennies! New fixtures quickly and inexpensively update a home.

A great referral for me is someone wanting to sell and unsure what updates to put in place for the highest return. A quick intro to me, and soon you’ll have one happy friend.