get the most home for the money

Your Realtor should study the market daily to help you get the most house for the money.

As a Realtor, I’m asked every day, “How’s the market?” to which I always answer “It’s unbelievable!” Seriously, everyone wants to know about the market whether they’re moving or not. I use information about the market to help current and prospective clients every day.

Last week, I had a client who was wavering about whether to buy or not. I showed her how with the possibility of increasing interest rates, her ability to afford a home was declining. So now was the best time for her to get the most house for the money she had available.

I’m a good referral for your friend’s son who is tired of paying high rent and wants to own for less than the price he pays to rent. Or your other friend who would like to start adding some investment property to his portfolio. Let me guide your referrals through the ever-changing market.