home-selling to-do list

I study the market daily to see where it’s headed. I call daily to find buyers for my listings and homes for my buyers. When I work with sellers, I always advise them on how to make their home as attractive as possible by following a home-selling to-do list.

Recently I met with Sharon, who wanted to move back home where her family was. The home is in a nice, popular neighborhood. The condition, not quite as attractive. You see, Sharon had fallen on hard times and was barely keeping her head above water. I helped Sharon on what items she needed to repair, replace, or clean thoroughly, as well as how she could make her home look it’s best without breaking Sharon’s budget. A to-do list solved the problem. With the help of trusted vendors and a little elbow grease, Sharon is good to go.

The next time your friend, Dave says he doesn’t know how much his home is worth, hand him my card and tell him you’ve got his back.